67. My Framework for Planning Summer Therapy Camps

In this episode, I share the framework we use for planning summer therapy camps in my nature-based therapy practice. I developed this system in 2020, focusing on the emotional journey kids typically experience throughout a camp week. Key themes are established for each day of the camp week with individual therapy goals being addressed within daily activities. Next week on the podcast, I'll share part 2 of this mini-series on camp planning, where I'll share how to choose good books to support your creative treatment planning for therapy camps.

00:00 Welcome to Therapy in the Great Outdoors

00:28 Personal Update & preparations

01:06 Introducing the Summer Camp Planning Framework

02:28 Detailed Breakdown of the Daily Therapeutic Themes

08:44 Exploring the ConTiGO Approach

11:26 Reflecting on the Framework's Necessity and Sharing Resources

13:50 Closing Thoughts and Invitation for Feedback

Get your free copy of the chart of the Therapeutic Themes Framework for Camp Planning here: www.therapyinthegreatoutdoors.com/camp