This isn't about me. 

But you might want to know a little about how I can help YOU!

I'm Laura Park Figueroa. I'm an occupational therapist with 20 years of experience. I'm also now a business coach obsessed with helping therapist entrepreneurs and nature-based practitioners run savvy and successful businesses! (Meaning: profitable! And personally-fulfilling. You CAN have both.) 

This all started years ago when I started a nature-based niche private practice that quickly grew to over 6-figures in revenue in 2 years with me working only part-time.

I fell into business coaching when people sought my help to grow their own practices...and I felt I had found my life's calling! I was energized by seeing the transformation in business owners' practices and personal lives as a result of our work together. (Read what some of my clients have to say below!)

I love all things business, systems, organizational tools, and time management. I'm constantly learning and love sharing free business-building tips for entrepreneurs on my podcast, Mind Your OT Business.

So right now- I maintain an exclusive small group of clients for business coaching, while I also run my nature-based pediatric practice in 8-10 hours of work per week. Solid business systems have allowed me to also pursue my PhD to do research on nature-based therapy for children. I have grown a TON in this process. (It's all about the journey right? So don't ask me when I'll be done with the plan is 2022! I'm halfway there!)

Most importantly, I have a family and a life that I love, too!

I want all OT and nature-based entrepreneurs to have financial and personal fulfillment in their that you enjoy running your business and LOVE YOUR LIFE.

Everything I create for offer on this site is designed with that goal in mind! 

Interested in working together?

Work With Me

Abigail Wool-Biringer

I had so much that I wanted to do and so many great ideas floating in my head, as we tend to as OTs! I was overwhelmed and I needed major direction. Laura helped me discover my niche and gave me clarity on where to go with my 2 favorite client populations. Further, she helped me envision the future for when I want grow my business and begin to think about systems and steps in order to do that. Her help was so very valuable and I recommend her to anyone trying to start or grow an OT business!!


Ann Troshinsky

Laura is a wealth of current knowledge and she makes the recent research in our field conform to what your unique situation may be.  She is like having your favorite instructor coaching you!  She also started and runs her own business so she has been through most stages of business growth and setback.  I returned to the OT field after being away over 15 years and she highlighted my strengths and gave me tough suggestions along the way.  I do not regret investing in Laura and if you are considering a paid coaching experience, she is the best!   

Sarah Reppenhagen

"In just a few sessions Laura was very helpful in helping me hone my vision for my private practice as well as creating actionable items to support that vision, basically helping me set the short term objectives to meet my longer term goals-a true OT to the core!  Thanks Laura!"

Erin Taylor

Working with Laura has been such a relief for my mental capabilities.  The work that we have done not only revolves around connection, but has enabled me to create a framework for action steps and not feel so overwhelmed when my mind wants to go go go go go go go go.  She always helps to bring me back to task completion and tackling the big rocks in a manner that feels authentic, real, compassionate, and knowledgeable.  She is an inspiration on the daily!