14: Listener Q & A: Work/Life Balance, Business Start-Up, & Best Early Marketing Strategies

Running a nature-based therapy practice is about more than the therapy itself. From knowing what’s needed to get started to how to market your business to making sure you’re taking time for yourself, there’s a lot that goes into running a business.

In this episode, I answer your listener questions about the behind-the-scenes aspect of business. I share what work/life balance looks like both in early and later stages of a business, why I love what I do, and the importance of not letting yourself get burnt out. I also talk about strategies and decisions around whether or not to open an LLC and marketing strategies that I recommend if you’re just starting out in your business.

We’ll discuss:

  • How a recent OT retreat solidified for me the impact of nature-based therapy and the importance of community to the growth and transformation of nature-based practices
  • An update on my current work life
  • How to navigate work/life balance in the first few years as a business owner and how that balance is different for everyone
  • The prevalence of burnout and knowing when you need physical and mental rest
  • The importance of having support in your business so you can focus on the work you love
  • What helps me stay sane in running multiple businesses
  • Whether and when to consider sole proprietor, LLC, or S-corp for your business
  • Important decisions to make before opening an LLC or S-corp
  • The most helpful marketing strategy for me when I first started my business and what I recommend now
  • How email marketing can help you gain a wide potential client base
  • Why in-person marketing and word of mouth is so successful

Resources from this episode:

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Angela Rosenberg - Treeline Enrichment

Marika Austin - Bearfoot Occupational Therapy

Kate Davis - Adaptations Unlimited

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