41: Hiring to Grow Your Nature-Based Practice - Live Business Coaching Call with Kristin Park, MS SLP

In this Nature-Based Business Coaching Call episode of the TGO Podcast, speech therapist Kristin Park, owner of the Magic Speech Bus (and previous guest on episode 40!) joins me to get clarity on the best next steps right now for her to GROW her nature-based business in the near future. You’ll learn:

[02:21] Kristin’s 6-12 month dreams for her business

[03:34] Why hiring is important for her to achieve her business goals

[05:49] Kristin’s current caseload…and why it may be too low for a full-time employee caseload

[08:18] Finding ideal clients & considerations with niching a practice (is the niche too small?)

[13:24] What to include on your website to speak to your ideal client

[19:10] How Kristin has found clients

[20:02] The ONE most important thing to get clients to commit to working with you

[25:49] Why an email list is essential to grow your practice

[31:54] How to decide whether to hire admin staff or another therapist for your very first hire

[44:56] Things you should consider when hiring part-time employees

[47:57] How to decide what to pay employees (+ a bit about employees vs. contractors)

[52:49] Kristin’s top 3 takeaways from this business coaching session

Resources mentioned in this episode: TGO Podcast episode 20 - How to Hire Great People

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