60. Get Over Yourself and Just Show Up

When life gets crazy, it is HARD to keep going as a business owner...even when you have an amazing nature-baed business. This episode is an honest share from the heart about my own lack of motivation lately and lessons I've been learning in the midst of the messiness of life and business.

Some things I'm learning:

-Don't believe the lies you tell yourself so that you can be free to show up for others.

-Personal connection with the people you serve can give you meaning when you don't feel motivated.

-Our feelings may not reflect (in fact, usually DON'T reflect) reality

-Saying NO to really good or even great things is a necessity in entrepreneurship.

And at the end I share some practical things happening in my businesses right now and some recent decisions I've made to pivot after a setback.

I hope this episode encouraged you if you are feeling like you lack motivation right now!

It is normal to have these ebbs and flows of energy in our business ownership and I'm right there with you! xoxo


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