If you're a nature-based business owner who wants to GROW your business to serve more children and families while you work LESS and earn MORE, you're invited to the...

2024 Nature-Based Business Retreat 

with Laura Park Figueroa

November 7-10, 2024

Santa Cruz, California 


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If you're serious about growing your nature-based business, you’re invited to join us for 3 days in the magical California redwoods to find mental clarity, connect with other nature-based business owners, and spend hours of focused time working ON your nature-based business (rather than IN it).

You know how there are always about 100 things you know you “should” do, but you never get to them because you’re busy running the business?!

And sometimes when you DO have a little time to work,  you're so overwhelmed you feel paralyzed and unsure how to best spend your time.

This retreat will give you focused work time and coaching to get the right things done in your business, so that you return home less overwhelmed & with more clarity about exactly where to focus your time and energy as the business owner.


The 2024 Nature-Based Business Retreat includes:

 💚 On-site business coaching with Laura Park Figueroa

📋 Time-saving resources and templates from Laura’s business

📊 Business workshops on mindset, finances, operations, marketing & sales

⏰ Hours of uninterrupted time to work ON your business

👊 Accountability to get stuff done!

📗 Physical copy of Laura’s revised and expanded Yearly Business Planning Guide

💞 Connection and community with other nature-based business owners

🧘🏽‍♀️ Time to rest and THINK to make sound decisions in your business

🌊 Beach time on the Pacific ocean

🌲 Hiking in the coastal redwood forests

🏠 Lodging in a simple private room with your own bath

🥗 Delicious, nutritious, California fresh meals (NOT crappy retreat center food!)

⭐ Plus loads of benefits I can’t even imagine cause I just know it is going to be pure MAGIC to have a bunch of nature-based business owners together for the weekend! 

There are 18 16 spots*, first come, first served. Registration will CLOSE on August 31. No exceptions. All payments for the retreat are non-refundable.

*If we enroll to capacity and more want to attend, the retreat center may allow spots for commuters. The commuter rate would include meals, but NOT lodging. You would find your own lodging off site.

The all-inclusive rate for the Nature-Based Business Retreat is $1695. 

You may Pay-in-Full or choose to pay in 5 monthly installments of $339/month.

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A Yearly Planning Guide for You to Use for Years to Come

You’ll get a physical copy of my (recently revised and expanded) Yearly Business Planning Guide, which we’ll work through on the retreat to help you review 2024 and plan for 2025.

You’ll leave with a clear path to follow to meet your business’ revenue and impact goals.

I’ll also share time-saving resources and templates that helped me grow my private practice to over 370k in revenue so you don't have to reinvent the wheel in your own business.

All of us nature-lovers know that our best business ideas and insights come when we’re relaxed and connecting with nature, so we’ll also have free time for hiking in the redwoods and walking on the beach by the Pacific Ocean. Here's some actual photos of the exact woods and beach where we will be "work-cationing."

What We'll Be Doing 


Strategic Workshops & Focused Work Sessions, + talking nature-based business while eating delicious food, lounging at the pool, relaxing in the sauna, or eating after-dinner dark chocolate together. 🍫 😁


I will guide you what to work on and provide 1:1 support as needed during all of our work sessions. I've planned every afternoon free from 3:30-6pm for down time to hike, go to the beach, and unwind. Every evening we'll have a short group time for reflection and commitments to action.

Here is some of the work we'll be doing:


🧠 Workshop: Mindset Matters and Strategic Planning as a Nature-Based Business Owner

You’ll leave with:

💡Insight to help you overcome mindset challenges that are standing in the way of your business’ growth and your personal development as a leader

📊 A specific system to analyze your business every year and choose the right strategic planning areas to focus on for your business in the next year


💵 Workshop + Work Session: Focus on Your Business Finances 

Take time to analyze your revenue from the past year and plan for next year in order to pay yourself (and your employees and contractors) well.

You’ll leave with:

💵 A complete picture of your year-to-date financial metrics that matter 

🎯 Clear financial goals set for each quarter of 2025

✅ A strategic plan for how to hit those goals based on the services your business offers


 ⚙️ Workshop + Work Session: Systematize Operations in Your Nature-Based Business

Identify areas where your business needs to streamline operations in order to increase profit and personal enjoyment for you as the business owner, while growing your impact in your community.

You’ll leave with:

📆 A planned calendar of important dates for all of your business’ services and programs.

⭐️ Insights into how other nature-based business owners are systematizing their businesses to minimize your work hours and increase profit in your business

⚙️ New systems created that you can immediately use in your business to save time and money.


 📈 Workshop + Work Session: Develop Your Strategic Marketing & Sales Plan for 2025

Learn how your nature-based business can effectively market in your community and how to increase new customers (sales) from inquiry calls so you have more paying clients and can grow your business’ revenue and impact in your community.

You’ll leave with:

🗓️ A planned calendar of specific dates for promoting your services and programs

📈 New effective marketing & sales systems in place to expand your reach and get more paying customers from your marketing efforts


You'll leave this weekend with: 


💞 18 nature-based business besties

😊 Clarity and peace that you got stuff DONE and you have a clear PLAN to follow for the upcoming year.

👏 Excitement and CONFIDENCE about the next year of running your nature-based business!

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