69: An Email Newsletter Template for Your Nature-Based Business

In this episode, I'm sharing a template we developed in my practice for sending a monthly newsletter to families. This helps you share free and helpful information with your potential clients, and communicate the unique value of the therapy services you provide. Tune in to hear real examples of things I've sent in our newsletter and the 3-topic template that we use to come up with simple ideas to share with families each month.

00:00 Introduction and Welcome

00:21 Importance of Email Lists in Nature-Based Therapy

01:11 Newsletter Template Overview

03:19 Creating Engaging and Effective Newsletters

04:58 Tip of the Month

08:07 Resource of the Month

10:06 Story and Service Updates

14:53 Conclusion and Contact Information

Resources from this episode:

Flodesk affiliate link to get 50% off your first year of Flodesk (it is the BEST email service provider, hands down. Easiest to use and a beautiful user interface to make emailing your people EASY and FUN.) https://flodesk.com/c/Y63MIS

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